ACS - logistics company. Operates in cargo transportation since 2009

Our story

ACS was founded in 2009 as company specializing in import and export of aircraft spare parts as well as their complex customs clearance and today we are one of the industry leaders. Over the years we have gathered a team of professionals, graduates of aviation-related universities and developed a global network of partners.

ACS has successfully handled many logistics situations, gained rich experience and proved to be a reliable freight forwarder. We offer international delivery services via air, sea, road and rail, as well as customs clearance services. Our key approach is to focus on client’s needs and come up with a feasible solution regardless of the complexity of the task. 

Our partners have already appreciated our quality service, high level of professionalism, efficiency and fair pricing. Our experience allows us to optimize logistics processes and choose the most convenient solution for our client.

We are pleased to offer our clients personal approach and competitive prices. ACS is always open for your projects and ready to find the best possible solution to any of your tasks.